I’m not in the business of brand coaching. I am in the business of collaborating with ambitious entrepreneurs to create powerful brands! I am here for everything from your strategy to your photos and content. But to establish powerful branding, you must convey three things: who you are, what you do, and why it matters. If you can do this in a succinct and memorable way, then you can boost recognition, resonance, and, most importantly, your brand reputation.


This topic can be the most confusing despite feeling the most simple. Many business owners hear from coaches differing opinions on how to share who they are. Some coaches advise sticking to business and business only. “Don’t share about your personal life, no one cares, they just want to hear about your business”. While others preach relating to your ideal client by sharing who you are and getting REAL personal.

Want my take? It is a balance. People love to buy from people they can trust. So be human, share your life, and connect with your audience! And at the same time, build trust by sharing your expertise and knowledge. This is going to look different for everyone based on your personality, as well as your audience behavior.


Have you ever heard of an elevator pitch? Basically, if you were on an elevator and someone asked, “What do you do?” How would you answer them by the time the elevator lets you off on your floor? Sharing what you do should be simple and straightforward. Being able to share what you do within two to three sentences can add a powerful impact on your brand reputation as it conveys confidence.

It’s all about articulating your role and purpose in a clear and compelling manner. By distilling your essence into a brief pitch, you communicate what you do effectively. This is key in branding because we don’t want our audience to be guessing what we do. It should be obvious.


In addition to answering what you do, you should be able to answer “why it matters.” Why it matters refers to the problem you help solve. The honest truth is, nobody cares if it doesn’t solve a problem. Just look at successful companies throughout the nation. Walmart solved the problem of having to shop at different stores, you can get everything in one place. Costco solved the problem of not having bulk options at the grocery store. What problem do you solve?

Achieving this trifecta, Who-What-Why, enables you to clearly share about your business in a powerful and effective way that leaves a lasting impact. And when done correctly, it will spark curiosity and open doors to meaningful connections and opportunities.

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Last Update: 05/13/2024