Behind the Scenes, 2nd Fujifilm + Luminar Photo Walk – Austin, Texas

Fujifilm + Luminar sponsored two photo walks in Austin. Two days after the first one on Sunday, we met again downtown on Tuesday evening. This second event was led by my friend Jim, who I know is an urban landscape photographer. We took many skyline photos together in the old HDR days, fifteen years ago. Though we met at Congress and 2nd Street, I was confident that the group would head towards the water to shoot the skyline.

I intercepted the unstructured group a few minutes late, walking slowly westward. I met a few more friends, a different crew from two days before. People were engaged in street photography until they got to the bridge, the same Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge we were at for the first photo walk. However, this time, we didn’t have any models.

Somewhere in the middle, I snapped this photograph of Sabina, who works for Skylum, the company that makes the Luminar software. She was here all the way from Ukraine and was on a multi-city photo walk tour of the U.S. Notice she is wearing the banner as a cape that I featured in this post.

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Last Update: 06/06/2024