Smoked Turkey Legs, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

I talked yesterday about my favorite blue and gold food stand at Rodeo Austin, one that I was specifically looking to document this year. For my last post of the Rodeo Austin series, I have a new favorite: the fiery red and yellow food stand that sells smoked turkey legs.

It’s certainly an eye-catching dramatic stand. It might be better during blue hour; however, I shot this 20 minutes after yesterday’s peak blue hour photograph. In Central Texas, Blue Hour, despite the name, only lasts — at most — 10 minutes. It was awesome when I shot in the Netherlands years ago when the blue hour indeed lasted that long.

I like the composition of this picture, too. It’s much better than yesterday’s, with a balance of details on either side of the stand despite shooting with the same 28mm focal length. I also like the better balanced distribution of people. Click on the picture for a larger version to see the people interacting naturally, unaware of my street photography.

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Last Update: 07/08/2024