Tree at the Fairmont – Austin, Texas

As I left Fairmont Austin, I saw this lonely tree representing the tiny bit of nature in this modern hotel development. The Fairmont is an urban hotel, and with the exception of a few modest plantings near the entrance, there are no hotel grounds. 

Though I shoot in color, I visualized a minimalist monochrome image contrasting the modern exterior lines and the bare tree. In this case, I increased the drama by shooting at a wide angle, 18mm. The resulting picture is something that I hoped for, with the bonus of reflections off the glass facade.

The lack of nature will be remedied somewhat by a new development to the left called Waterloo Greenway. The Austin Parks Department is developing a long and narrow green area along Waller Creek. With the first phase complete, the second commences near Fairmont and the convention center.  

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Last Update: 05/23/2024