Tomas Garcilazo – Rodeo Austin

Having seen this show a few times, I knew there was an opportunity to make a portrait afterward. Tomas and his wife greeted the audience as they left the arena.

I often do a comprehensive job shooting these events, capturing the congregating crowds talking to the star performers, for example. Part of all this photography is because I like taking pictures. However, the other reason is to have a selection of images for my blog-based story-telling. I often don’t know how I’ll cover an event while I’m taking the pictures. It’s only days before my final post that the stories and the image selections become finalized.

Ideally, I would’ve loved a portrait showing more of Tomas’ saddle and his other hand — this framing is too tight. My previous image had a better composition. However, he was looking away. Since my story arc dictated a portrait, I opted for him looking into the camera — I’m happy with his expression, however. It makes for a fitting conclusion to this three-part mini-series of this performance.

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Last Update: 06/20/2024