Approaching the Carnival, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

After visiting the show barn, the western wear mall, and the horse show, I was ready for my highlight of the trip — the carnival. No, I’m not going on any of the rides. I was in search of color, especially during blur hour. But I had some time before it got dark and was in street photography mode.

It was a reasonably short walk from the horse show arena towards the rides, which grow in variety each year. The sun was low, and we were in the golden hour. Note the long shadows, including mine, in the frame.

I wasn’t shooting from the hip but instead holding the camera in front of my face, as you might see from my shadow. I was experimenting with a technique where the bright and low sun would put me in shadow. I don’t know if this is an official street photography technique, but it’s something I’m experimenting with trial and error.

I initially thought the woman in the middle was looking towards me, but she isn’t, at least in this frame. Did these folks know I was taking a picture? It’s hard to say. Mission accomplished in the holy grail of street photography: capturing unaware and natural-looking subjects on the street.

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Last Update: 06/21/2024