Behind the Scenes, Fujifilm + Luminar Photo Walk – Austin, Texas

Before I show you the portraits I made during the Fujifilm + Luminar Photo Walk tomorrow, I want to talk about my behind-the-scenes photos. In addition to Jewls and Izzy, whom I featured yesterday, we have our third model, Sophia. We are on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge, and this participant is facing roughly west and shooting into the sun.

Perhaps the photographer likes backlit portraits. I preferred the Austin skyline as a backdrop and shot the other way, facing east, for most of my portraits from this bridge.

Behind the Scenes, Fujifilm + Luminar Photo Walk - Austin, Texas

The 24mm f2.8 worked great for framing these two, and the lens was wide enough that I didn’t need to back up much. The wider angle also creates some distortion on the edges, which makes a more interesting interaction between these two. Given the model’s pose and the photographer’s stance, they look like they are dancing together as part of their image-making relationship.

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Last Update: 06/06/2024