Welcome to the stage a duo whose resourceful alchemy has captivated audiences considerably and large. Bon Entendeur, composed of Arnaud Bonet and Pierre Della Monica, initially emerged onto the scene by the digital realms of Youtube and SoundCloud. Their tactic to tunes generation requires blending the evocative voices of French icons with mesmerizing electro melodies, crafting a distinctive mix of melancholy and modernity. With just about every mixtape, they embark on a journey via genres as assorted as electro swing, nu-disco, and even remixes of classical French hits, all whilst paying homage to the cultural luminaries of France. And inside their packed schedule of excursions and a release of their most recent strike Fio Maravilha, they’ve presented us a opportunity to talk to them a couple of swift issues about their craft!

Convey to us a minor little bit about the mate duo powering Bon entendeur. How did you satisfy? Where are you from? When did you begin creating music alongside one another?

Arnaud and I are from Aix-en-Provence, a smaller town in the south of France. We met when we ended up 12 several years previous at faculty. We quickly grew to become good friends, and we have never ever been apart because. Even when we ended up quite young, we have been into music. Arnaud played the piano, and I played the guitar. At the exact time, we usually listened to a whole lot of audio! In 2012, Arnaud introduced Bon Entendeur, which at the time was much more like a audio weblog. We shared our musical favorites everyday, and we saw results slowly arrive our way. Considering that then, the undertaking has advanced significantly, and now we’re releasing our third album.

Who is Fio Maravilha? And how did they come to be the star of your following launch?

“Fio Maravilha” is an iconic music by the Brazilian singer Jorge Ben Jor, produced in 1972. It tells the tale of Fio Maravilha, a well-known Brazilian footballer of the time. The title is a type of tribute to his expertise and recognition. The French singer Nicoletta built a protect of it in 1973, and it is this version that we determined to remix mainly because we fell in appreciate with its electricity. Initially, this observe wasn’t even intended to be on our album! All of this was resolved just a couple of months in advance of the remaining manufacturing of “Rivages.” You could say it was a fantastic alignment of the stars!

If you could make a 5 music mixtape for all those who are not ready to see you at just one of your exhibits, what Bon Entendeur songs would you line up for folks to have their personal listening get together?

Fio Maravilha
Nan Ye Likan
la Rua Madureira
Disco en Egypte
Le temps est Bon

If you could have dinner with one of your musical idols who would it be, and far better still exactly where and what would you be eating?

If I could have evening meal with one particular of my musical idols, it would be David Bowie. I’d appreciate to share a food with him at a restaurant he favored in the heart of London, his legendary town. I’d appreciate listening to wild anecdotes about his profession from him. Curiously, David Bowie’s tunes normally appears in Wes Anderson’s universe.

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Last Update: 03/28/2024