Carnival Couple, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

I was using the same street photography technique I mentioned yesterday, shooting with the low sun so that I would appear in shade to the subjects. However, one of them noticed me taking the picture. He said nothing as we walked past. You can see that I was noticeably closer when I took the shot compared to yesterday — enough so that the shade I cast darkened my subject’s legs.

The framing works for me. Getting in close with a 28mm looks different than shooting from farther away with a 35 mm or 50mm. I admit that I cropped slightly in post to remove the excess on the right side. When shooting quickly, I don’t always have the luxury of precise framing.

I also love the golden late afternoon sun. I’m experimenting with post-processing to create a mellower color palette that works for me. It’s all part of a larger scheme with my cameras that I talked about in last month’s magazine where I go deeper into my stories and photographic gear. I will write an upcoming article about what I’m trying to achieve with my new color look.

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Last Update: 06/22/2024