Carnival Ride Sparkle, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

Reviewing my Rodeo Austin images, I shot more street photographs than I realized at the carnival and the rest of the showgrounds. But now I’m finally starting the crescendo of images I was truly after, colorful scenes from the evening.

Now that I’m shooting with a full frame rather than the APS-C Fujis or the micro 4/3 Olympuses, having better image quality is a given, especially at night. I’m shooting details of rides and people at night like I did during the daytime, and it’s quite remarkable.

However, there’s more to this better image quality than a new camera with a bigger sensor. The EXIF data indicates ISO 640, which isn’t that high even for cameras with smaller sensors. Something else is going on. Sometime along the way, I don’t know when exactly, the rides were upgraded to brighter LED lights. Gone are the dim incandescents that required a more light-sensitive camera.

The resulting lighting improvements, along with a superior camera, allow for a new type of photography not possible with older imaging and lighting tech. Sparkling carnival rides with full detail in the middle of the night — these nighttime rides look so much better than during the day.

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Last Update: 07/03/2024