Couple Discussing Artwork, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

I mentioned that I’m experimenting with a new color pallet via post-processing changes. Despite my processing efforts, I couldn’t get the color on this picture to look sufficiently worthy. It wasn’t bad, but this couple was in the shade, and the color lacked the golden deliciousness of the previous images. Black and white to the rescue.

Critiquing this image further, I’m not thrilled by the background either. This is clearly from a carnival, but the tents on the right side are not very exciting. The left side, with the happy people and Ferris Wheel, appears more to my liking. However, I ultimately chose this picture for the couple’s interaction.

Like many street photographs, you wonder what is going on, and it invites the viewer to make up their own stories. The couple is looking at some artwork, but what is it? Was it a caricature or a poster? At a 28mm framing — uncropped — I captured the couple dead center and completely unaware. Perhaps all I need to do is use AI and generate a more exciting background — maybe them walking on the sidewalk of a big cosmopolitan city.

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Last Update: 06/25/2024