Let’s be real, anyone can create a brand. However, not everyone can create a strategic brand to impress your ideal client. Creating eye-catching small business branding takes expertise, experience and even a bit of branding photography. Today, I am sharing three tips I wish I knew over a decade ago when I started my business in order to create a strong brand!

Hire An Expert

What is your expertise? Unless you are a branding consultant, you are not an expert in creating a strategic brand. And that is okay! We are not meant to do everything in our businesses. As I have grown as a business owner, I have become an advocate for outsourcing to experts. You will save a lot of time and make a lot more money! Hire an expert who have proven strategies and great reviews.

Buy Templates

Small business branding doesn’t have to be 100% custom. So, in order to budget wisely, consider buying templates. Templates can give you a great place to start when trying to DIY different elements of your business. For example, with a template, you can easily DIY a starter website, business cards, brochures, contracts and so much more!

If you are past the DIY stage of business and are looking to hire an expert to design your website, write up your contacts, or whatever it may be. Still, consider buying a template. Some freelancers will offer discounted prices if you provide templates and clear direction, as it takes out a lot of the heavy work for them. Be sure to ask about this while shopping around!

New Branding Photos

As a Denver Commercial Photographer, I would be amiss if I didn’t emphasize the strength that can be added to a brand through brand photos. Fresh branding photography can elevate your brand image and brand reputation. In addition, it tells your visual brand story and allows your audience to connect with you. Branding photography plays a direct role in your small business branding success!

If you are ready to level up your business, take my Brand Breakdown Quiz. A brand breakdown may be costing you money and customers, see where with this quiz. And if you are in the market for fresh Denver Branding Photos, click here to get started.

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Last Update: 05/27/2024