When applying a drone, in several nations by rules we will have to retain it underneath the line of sight, but the Mini 3 and 3 Pro are tiny, and we can occasionally drop sight of them

With the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro, the map and the radar can be used to often maintain the drone less than management, even when we simply cannot see it. The map is practical to keep track of the most important landmarks in the scene, even though the radar always keeps the plane on the display, no matter of their length from the Home Position

I have produced a newbie guideline to the Mini 3 and 3 Pro, covering all that is needed to grasp this outstanding drone, you can enjoy it by clicking on this connection

I have also made other in-depth analyses of several specialized elements of this drone

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How to Use the Map with the Mini 3 and 3 Pro

Elements Proven on the Map

The map retains consistent track of the posture of the drone, when compared to the property point and the remote controller. It is also valuable to examine the area of unique landmarks in the bordering space

With the Mavic 3, the map can be used to established Waypoints, but unfortunately Waypoints method is not yet obtainable on the Mini 3 and 3 Pro

The icon to obtain the map on the Mini 3 and 3 Pro

In DJI Fly app, on the reduced left section of the screen, there is a smaller yellow-environmentally friendly sq.. By tapping on it we accessibility the map which displays a blue arrow-shaped icon representing the drone, a substantial circle with an H in the center for the Dwelling Point, and a smaller sized circle for the remote controller


The actions of the map on the Mini 3 and 3 Professional

In most conditions, the Household Level will be incredibly near to the distant controller, but if the operator is going with a vehicle, a boat, a bicycle, or climbing, the two will get farther apart. In this situation, I waited for the satellites to be linked before getting off, so the Dwelling Place is quite close to the controller, but if I walk close to, recognize how the place of the controller moves

By tapping on it the map gets to complete-display dimension, and the digital camera watch can take the put of the map, their place is swapped

Although traveling the arrow symbolizing the aircraft details in the same course as the camera, and a blue line retains keep track of of the route traveled by the plane. There is also a straight crimson line connecting the drone to the Household Point, this is quite helpful if we want to bring the hen back again property, all we need to do is to change the arrow toward the Property Issue and then advance in that way

Five icons for the aspect of the map
5 icons for the part of the map

To the correct, there are five icons

  • The first just one at the leading displays any constraints or authorization zones in the spot
  • The 2nd one particular goes again to the default mode
  • The 3rd icon spot both the drone or the RTH at the middle of the map and the blue line disappears
  • With the fourth icon, the map has North at the major and the Home Level in the center
  • The final icon toggles to the other map sights, like the satellite just one

To go back again to the ordinary watch with the map in the reduced remaining corner and the look at from the camera on the monitor, tap on the smaller section in the lessen remaining corner

Zooming in and out on the map of the Mini 3 and 3 Professional

This perspective will not be ready to clearly show the placement of the drone, the Home point, and the distant controller when the plane is much away, but at the leading correct of the map perspective, there is a minus icon to toggle to a zoomed out watch which include the a few merchandise. It will then convert into a plus one to toggle once again to a zoomed-in look at

What to do if the Icon of the Distant Controller is not Revealed on the Map

From time to time the distant controls smaller circle does not look on the map. I have study about this situation numerous occasions on social media and it did take place to me a number of times


When the icon of the controller does not look on the map

If this occurs, right before getting off wait around for all the satellites to be linked and for the dwelling stage to be up to date. In most conditions, a little circle should really show up

if this is not the case, exit the digicam view of DJI fly application by tapping on the arrow on the top rated remaining of the display and then tapping on Go Fly to go back again to the camera watch

To Use the Map an Internet Relationship is Essential

When we fly on spot with out an web relationship, the maps will not be available. If applying the RC N1, the mobile phone or tablet will have wifi, so there will be no challenges. But when utilizing the RC controller with the built-in display, there is no world-wide-web link.

There are two options to entry the maps. When preparing a journey it is feasible to down load the maps of the location when an Net connection is out there

How to down load Offline Maps on the Mini 3 and 3 Pro


How to down load maps on the Mini3 and 3 Pro

There is no want to link the drone. Turn on the RC controller, then connect the Wifi by swiping a finger 2 times on the controllers display screen to obtain the menu. On the suitable part there are seven icons, the very first a person connects to the World wide web if it is accessible

On DJI Fly application in the reduced middle of the screen tap on Profile and on the upcoming website page decide on Offline Maps. We are introduced with a map of the environment

We can zoom into the desired region, a small window at the base specify the measurement of the map, and we can faucet on the icon to the right to download it

We are then questioned to give a name to the map, immediately after tapping on yes the obtain begin and we can see the progress. By choosing Downloads at the major we get the checklist of the downloaded maps, we can entry, rename or delete any of them

How to hook up a Mobile Unit to the RC Controller for Net Relationship

If we are going on a random vacation, it is doable to set up a cell cellphone or a tablet as a sizzling place to have an net connection

Connecting a mobile unit to the RC controller as a sizzling place

Swap on the cell product, then flip on the RC controller and swipe down two times to accessibility the menu. On the proper 50 % of the display screen on the major correct by way of the equipment icon, we entry a menu of settings where we can decide on an online connection, the one of the smartphone or tablet must be bundled

A lot more particulars on the RC controller with a constructed-in screen in my focused posting

The Radar Check out in the Mini 3 and 3 Professional

The radar check out is an fantastic way of retaining observe of the placement of the drone relative to the property stage and the remote controller. It has two main positive aspects

  • It doesnt require an internet connection
  • It maintains the drone, the controller, and the house stage on the map irrespective of the distance from the plane


Radar view on the Mini 3 and 3 Professional

In the map view faucet on the small icon on the decrease ideal to access the radar map

In the default method, the remote controller is in the center and the Property Point and the aircraft are represented at their relative place

The other element of the circle displays the route the controller is facing in comparison to the North: if we rotate the controller we can have it struggling with North or any other course. If we rotate until eventually the drone is at the top rated of the screen, it will be in entrance of us. In this position, we get the most effective sign transmission

If the drone moves sideways, its place will be reflected on the map, but if it moves further absent, no issue how considerably, it will always keep on being on the edge of the circle

If we rotate the nose of the plane, the course will be revealed by the blue arrow on the radar map. It is, therefore, uncomplicated to deliver the drone back towards the operator: simply switch it towards the controller and advance in that path

Attitude Indicator on the Mini 3 and 3 Pro (Atti)


Angle indicator on the Mini 3 and 3 Pro

The reduce fifty percent of the radar map has a slightly distinctive shade than the top 50 %. When the drone developments and adjustments way we detect that the lower aspect tilts sideways reflecting the pitch of the aircraft

When working with the digital camera look at the horizon appears to be generally straight since of the stabilization of the gimbal, even nevertheless the drone is tilted. The Mind-set mode is a superior way to gauge the energy of the wind

When the drone is tilted upward, perhaps simply because of traveling into the wind or when starting an advancing shift, the greenish reduced aspect of the radar map moves further more up in the circle, and the other way all around when the drone tilts down when coming to a halt

It is feasible to have a unique viewpoint of the radar map by tapping on the white circle at the leading left of the radar map. This time the drone is at the center of the display and the house place and the controller are in their relative positions. Some customers may possibly come across this helpful, but I prefer to have the controller at the heart of the monitor

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