Chicks, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

After a quick look around the arena, I returned to the poultry and livestock displays. The folks doing the livestock competition know about farm animals, so I’m sure these displays are for city slickers like me. The chicks were cute, and it was a great place for street photography as I caught people’s interactions.

Chicks, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

I managed to snag a good closeup of a chick nearby. It was even awake surrounded by sleeping ones. The 28mm f2.0, the only lens I brought, did a surprisingly versatile job. It’s not a macro lens but gets close enough for my needs, and it works great for casual food photography that I snap at restaurants.

Chicks, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

Here’s another street photography example near the chick displays. I purchased the Sony A7C with a 24mm f2.8, a very usable focal length with a smartphone-like perspective. However, I’m starting to like the 28mm more for pictures on the street — wide enough to give ample environmental context without the need to be super close to the subject.

28mm lenses don’t seem very popular, at least on Sony. I picked up an old Sony 28mm f2 from 2015. While not one of the slick new versions, the inexpensive lens does a great job.

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Last Update: 06/14/2024