Teach Station – Chur, Switzerland

We experienced 10 minutes right until our practice was scheduled to arrive, so I immediately explored Chur station. My initially and fast destination was a fashionable curved glass cover at a person conclusion. I ascended to it by using a glass-enclosed escalator at the conclude of the system.

I’ve built pictures like this prior to at SFO, so I didn’t break any new floor. It is awesome how your tried and true photograph heuristics pop up consistently. It would make me consider I’m not quite artistic — like the human equivalent of a device finding out big language design that statistically predicts subsequent actions.

Bus Station - Chur, Switzerland

I was both surprised and dissatisfied by the arched canopy. It is an formidable and grand structure for a bus station connected to the educate station — there are so quite a few buses for these a compact city. I marvel if the bus network extends much and vast.

I was also unhappy it wasn’t something cooler, like a minimalist travelers’ lounge. There is no doubt, having said that, that it’s sensible and utilitarian.

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Last Update: 03/24/2024