Flags on Stands, 2024 Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

I’ve been to enough Rodeo Austins to optimize my schedule and route for all the pictures I want to take. I get here late afternoon and shoot the stands and, optionally, street photography while it’s still bright. I do this while moving towards the large barn with the farm animals.

Flags on Stands, 2024 Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

It was a windy day, and we got some great flag movement. I also like that they are backlit. Combined, they make for a festive site.

Ferris Wheel, 2024 Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

Finally, I included the Ferris wheel to tie into yesterday’s portrait. The wheel and the nearby stands were the first attractions after passing through the entry gates.

I stood back far enough that, even with a 28mm, I could perspective correct the lean in post-processing. These are small details, but they add precision to the composition, elevating it above a mere snapshot.

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Last Update: 06/10/2024