Flambe, Restaurant Spycher – Zermatt, Switzerland

The interior of the Restaurant Spycher was rustic and restrained — it didn’t look upscale in a fancy way. However, it had the feel of a place with a long history and tradition, unlike the hip and modern Schweitzerhof Kitchen we experienced the night before.

I saw a couple of fiery performances at other tables, and they looked intriguing. The beef flambe was a dish for two, so my wife and I shared it. I later found out that Restaurant Spycher presents itself as a flambe and grill restaurant — perfect.

Flambe is a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames. It reduces the alcoholic content while keeping the flavors of the liquor.

Main Course, Restaurant Spycher - Zermatt, Switzerland

As you can see, our main dish is basic meat and potatoes, literally. It was prepared to perfection.

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Last Update: 04/28/2024