As a woman in brand photography, I get it. Sometimes, we go into a session feeling great, looking great, and expecting great photos. But then, when the gallery is delivered, we feel… not so great. As a Denver commercial photographer I have made posing women one of my areas of expertise, so that you NEVER have to feel that disappointment when getting your brand photos back. Here are just a few of my favorite poses for women.

Create Triangles

The easiest way to create a flattering pose is through triangles. Creating triangles in an image offers interest by leading the viewer’s eyes around the image. This lively interest also gives stability and balance to the photo, helping avoid an awkward or stiff pose. In addition, triangles have a slimming effect, helping to elongate the body and highlight curves.

Creating triangles can be done with a hand on the hips, a bent leg, a crossed leg, hands right above the head, and so many more poses!


Speaking of curves, flattering poses for women should involve a good deal of them! As women, we don’t always embrace our natural curves. But as we lean into the curve of our natural bodies, we add dimension to our images while pulling attention in the direction of the subject of an image.

To curve your body during a brand photoshoot consider popping a leg out with your weight on the opposite leg, leaning your shoulder against a wall with your hips about six inches from the wall, or crossing your legs as you stand.

Poses For Women To Hide Insecurities

Working as a Denver commercial photographer, I want each of my clients to feel comfortable during their shoot with me and happy with the results afterward. So, if you have an insecurity that you want to hide from the camera, let me know! I am an expert at posing women and can make basically anything work!

Remember that whatever is closest to the camera will appear the largest. So, angles play a huge role in poses for women. For example, leaning your shoulders and face forward will cause your body to look smaller. The right angle while sitting with crossed legs at the knee and crossed arms to hide your belly while bringing attention to your face.

Ready to work with a brand photographer that understands how to pose women for the best results in brand photos? I’m your gal! Check out my branding photography here.

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Last Update: 06/24/2024