Spin Out, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

Happy Independence Day! There are no featured fireworks today. I’m continuing with the Rodeo Austin coverage, but at least I have something colorful for July 4th.

Unlike the Orbiter, which I talked about yesterday, with its name front and center, literally, and lit up in lights, this ride takes a subtler approach. I can’t vouch for the ride, but it gets a fail in the branding department. It took some detective work to figure out it’s called Spin Out.

The name is on the back wall, which is often blocked by the ride. However, after piecing together a few pictures and confirming on Google, I was able to ascertain its name. Why is the name important? It’s not. I was at a loss in titling the picture and fixated on figuring this out.

Unlike the previous pictures, where the rides were stationary, I captured this ride in full motion, shooting at 1/640 of a second. Zooming in, I can clearly see the rider’s faces, some of which didn’t look too happy. Extreme g-forces will do that to you. Think of the picture-making technology now at our disposal, where we can get this level of clarity at night. The previously mentioned bright LEDs certainly helped.

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Last Update: 07/05/2024