Heart of the Carnival, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

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I traveled up and down the carnival alleyways, taking street photographs and documenting the color. This perspective was my favorite. It’s densely packed with colorful carnival games on either side, anchored by the Ferris Wheel. The 28mm even gives the center walkway a slight leading-line quality.

I naturally gravitated back to this area and shot many street photos. The light and color looked great in this picture as we neared sunset. I posted a black and white several days ago where I commented that the colors didn’t look good and the surrounding background wasn’t very inspiring. That’s not the case here.

Heart of the Carnival, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

About 45 minutes later, you see the blue hour starting to creep in. The artificial light is more prominent, balancing well with the ambient light. I didn’t shoot these as test shots, so the framing, while similar, is not identical.

Heart of the Carnival, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

Finally, half an hour later, we see the sky is dark, and the artificial light dominates.

Do you recognize this photo? I used a highly cropped version in this post from several days ago. The healthy crop made sense for the post on carnival games. In this post, I opted for the entire image to better match the framing of the first two pictures.

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Last Update: 07/01/2024