Fujifilm + Luminar Photo Walk, Auditorium Shores – Austin, Texas

Fujifilm and Luminar, a photo editing software created by Skylum, hosted a photowalk on a Sunday during SXSW. Although the event had nothing to do with SXSW, Fujifilm, and Luminar probably capitalized on the influx of visitors to Austin and the general excitement around the big Austin event.

I arrived downtown late afternoon, skipped the SXSW venues, and shot street photographs and architecture before heading to the photowalk. We met at Auditorium Shores, a park by the river across from downtown. This location is a favorite for taking pictures of the increasingly impressive downtown skyline.

The photowalk instructions were minimal, just a time and a general location. I incorrectly assumed that it was a gathering that would concentrate on downtown urban landscapes. I was completely wrong and ill-prepared. They had models, and they were actually walking during the photowalk. I had the wrong lens and even carried a boat anchor of a tripod all set to shoot skylines. I had to do my best with a 24mm f2.8 prime, the only lens I brought.

On the plus side, it was the first big photowalk that I’ve been on in ages. Over a decade ago, these were common, but they seem to have dropped in popularity. I also met several Austin photographer friends.

Fujifilm + Luminar Photo Walk, Auditorium Shores - Austin, Texas

I didn’t shoot much from this location. I like to shoot close in my portraits, and a wide-angle lens would force me to block the shot for others. I took a few snapshots from afar that weren’t very exciting but documented my participation.

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Last Update: 05/28/2024