With no bureaucracy or pencil-pushing to be found (only pencil collections), this is no ordinary office. Located within a small storefront at New Orleans Square, cabinets of curios await any visitor ready to sift through their contents, all collected by one Vegas local. A love letter to the joy of grouping together various trinkets and tchotchkes, the Office of Collecting & Design has been in the works since Jessica Oreck’s childhood.

A documentary filmmaker and stop-motion animator by trade, Oreck needed a workshop space in 2021. Always interested in the strangeness and comfort of objects since she was a kid, the artist held onto a myriad of collections, and so it was only fitting that her office and prop room might become an oasis for fellow collectors. Drawers, walls, and cabinets are filled with collections of three-legged animal figurines, engraved spoons, locks without keys, and so much more. A museum by day, and a prop room by night.

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Last Update: 05/21/2024