On the Street During SXSW 2024 – Austin, Texas

I got a late start getting downtown on my birthday. Rather than going to more SXSW venues, I shot on the street in the late afternoon before the scheduled photo walk in the evening. I completed my coverage of this year’s event a couple of posts ago, so these street portraits and photographs, while happening during SXSW, had nothing to do with it.

Using the small Sony 24mm f2.8, I slimmed down from the Tamron 17-28mm I used during the SXSW coverage. I feel more confident shooting on the street with a smaller setup, psychologically making me feel less obtrusive. It’s probably just an illusion on my part. Though I did photograph a great street capture with the bigger lens.

None of these photos are from the hip. Instead, I framed them via my EVF. In the case of the portrait above, I even asked permission to take the photo.

On the Street During SXSW 2024 - Austin, Texas

On the Street During SXSW 2024 - Austin, Texas

Sometimes, the best things during SXSW are not the big corporate events but the characters on Austin’s street. You don’t often see a one-man band with a guy documenting with a microphone and video camera.

On 6th Street, which was still quiet on Sunday, I featured an animated group singing and recording. Using a still camera like I do is passe; video is where it’s at, though something that I don’t have much interest in. 

On the Street During SXSW 2024 - Austin, Texas

I was more attracted to the cute stuffed animal backpack than anything else.

I marveled at the rapidly changing construction projects and switched my attention to architecture. It has been a while since I shot downtown, and the relentless pace of construction doesn’t seem to be abating.

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Last Update: 05/26/2024