Pedal Pub – Austin, Texas

We had an opportunity for street photography during the 2nd Fuji-Luminar Photowalk since we walked through the middle of downtown. I didn’t take advantage of an opportunity other than this cursory shot. I was more interested in socializing and catching up with friends. I also wasn’t in street photography mode, looking forward to making urban landscapes that I originally planned for the first photo walk.

Of course, when these goofy guys, having too much fun, presented the opportunity, I took the shot. We were on 2nd Street on the backside of City Hall. I generally prefer to get closer to my subjects, and a 24mm wasn’t going to cut it. However, I wasn’t dedicated enough to run into the street for a better framing. The subjects had great expressions, though, and I cropped in slightly in post.

These human-powered traveling bars seem like fun. I’ve seen them around Austin and other cities. But they are not as fun as I imagined. I once participated, and the pedaling effort was greater than I imagined, especially since we had some extra “dead weight” that didn’t pedal enough to overcome their extra poundage.

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Last Update: 06/07/2024