Pops of Red, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

Most of my post-processing adjustments are quick and easy: I add an S-curve, a touch of saturation, small boosts of exposure, and a wee bit of sharpening. I haven’t significantly changed my technique in a while, even though I have switched to multiple camera systems. With the Sony, this sometimes results in very vibrant images. Are they too colorful? Well, that depends on one’s taste and on the photographic subject.

In this photo, my standard technique resulted in very intense reds and blues. I’m sure some will like it that way, but my opinion on color is starting to change. Part of this is due to shooting different camera systems with different color pallets.

I’m experimenting with some other methods that, while still producing deep and rich color, tone down the craziness and add a layer of mellowness. While I’m not explicitly trying to create a film aesthetic, this image seems less digital in nature.

This food stand is my favorite at Rodeo Austin, and I use it as a benchmark. You’ll see it again later in this series when it’s much darker outside.

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Last Update: 06/24/2024