Waiting on the Popcorn Line, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

After reviewing the images I took at the carnival and post-processing them in my new color style, I realized that this picture stood out unexpectedly. The subject and the feel of the image reminded me of the work of photographer Lauren Greenfield — in particular this picture comes to mind. You may disagree.

I wasn’t trying to emulate anyone’s style. I just made images of what interested me. Other than the passing similarity of young women with blond-ish hair and dresses, there are other parallels to Ms. Greenfield’s work. I understand that Lauren Greenfield often photographed women, particularly in more affluent circles. I have no idea about these people’s backgrounds, but I will make some assumptions.

While Rodeo Austin and the carnival draw from diverse backgrounds, the people in this picture differ from the usual customer base. The rodeo and livestock portion attract a more rural demographic, while the carnival appears most favored by middle and working-class folk. From what I know about Austin, these teenagers have a distinct West Austin vibe, generally the more affluent part of town.

Interestingly, the two young men who frame the women both feature thin, horizontally striped polos. Are they just friends or brothers? In my opinion, the detail that makes the shot is the person on the right using his smartphone, seemingly divorced from the group’s actions.

Lauren Greenfield worked on a multi-platform projects called “Generational Wealth” including a documentary film available on Amazon Prime.

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Last Update: 06/27/2024