Train Station – Riffelberg, Switzerland

Despite my nagging worry that we might miss the last train, we made it in time. In fact, there were only a few trains left that day, and we had to wait about 40 minutes for the next one to Zermatt. I spent the time relaxing and taking pictures in and around the station.

With plenty of time and infrequent train service, I safely walked along the tracks to make this first picture. We have some leading lines and a magnificent Swiss Alps backdrop. I mentioned on this post that the Gornergrat-Bahn is a cog railway. Cogwheels use a toothed rail track to climb the steep grades, which you can see between the standard tracks in this picture.

Train Station - Riffelberg, Switzerland

The train station building was cute, with a waiting area, offices, and bathrooms. There wasn’t much to it, and since the weather was so lovely, we sat outside.

Train Station - Riffelberg, Switzerland

When we first arrived, there were only a few people, but more showed up during our wait. We had a few small groups ready to board as the train arrived.

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Last Update: 04/28/2024