Show Time, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

I climbed up into the stands at the show barn just in time to see a parade of cows. It was late Friday afternoon, and almost no one was watching. Was this a preliminary event before the main weekend competitions that drew the crowds? Or was the lack of interest par for the course?

Four women watched as the first cows were led into the arena. Did they have friends or family at the event, or were they just curious like me? I wonder about these things because it’s a world alien to me.

I shot nearly wide open at f2.2 on a 28mm lens. Focusing on the onlookers rendered the participants and the background softly out of focus. I think the 28mm works well here, showing the vastness of the show barn and softening the background enough not to distract and give adequate context.

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Last Update: 06/12/2024