Symmetrical Orbiter, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

There’s something about the Orbiter ride that attracts me. I shot long exposures of it on a tripod years ago for a wonderfully colorful motion-blurred image. Rodeo Austin doesn’t allow tripods now unless you get special permission. In 2016, I shot multiple rides, include Orbiter, with the very capable Olympus IBIS at 1/5 second.

I shot differently with the Sony A7C. While the camera doesn’t have fantastic image stabilization, it shoots sharp images even at higher ISOs. This picture is a warmup of sorts. While I used a fast 1/1000-second shutter, I didn’t need a high ISO since it was still bright. The result is very sharp, with a clear view of the rider’s faces. I’ll have a future post with a ride under more challenging conditions.

What I like about this picture is the nearly symmetrical composition of the Orbiter, not only in its framing but also in the ride’s arm position.

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Last Update: 06/30/2024