Towers at 6th and Guadalupe – Austin, Texas

I took numerous images documenting the recent structures of the rapidly changing downtown Austin. However, I simplified this post by selecting this single image as a representative sample.

The tower on the left is 6th and Guadalupe, imaginatively named after the building’s cross streets. It was originally called 6 X Guadalupe, which seems a bit more interesting. Though not complete, it’s now at its maximum height, topping out at 66 floors and 874 feet — currently the tallest skyscraper in Austin.

The building on the right under construction is the BBVA Tower, which is also no slouch in the race for taller structures in Austin — it’s scheduled to be 60 stories at 770 feet. Since the BBVA Tower is diagonally across the street from 6th and Guadalupe, both towers are, in fact, on 6th and Guadalupe Streets. Confusing but true.

I shot this with the Sony 24mm f2.8 and made some extreme perspective corrections in the post to make the images look straight.

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Last Update: 05/27/2024