If you are looking to invest in brand photos, then chances are you want to do it right the first time around. These images will be used for all of your content for the next six to eighteen months! So, you should do what you can to ensure they turn out perfect for your brand. And a big part in feeling confident and accomplishing the right look for your business is your branding photoshoot outfits.

Brand Colors

A great way to embody your branding is through color. Before your brand photo session be sure to have your branding down to a tee! This will help give a baseline to start with when choosing outfits. Pick outfits in your branding colors or with branding color accents. Overall, working with your brand colors will give your gallery a more cohesive look and will translate well to your website images, social media content and any other space you share your brand photos.

Have Variety In your Branding Photoshoot Outfits

It’s the spice of life! Having variety in your branding photoshoot outfits not only adds interest to your gallery but also contributes to the longevity of your photos. With a few different looks, you won’t feel like you are posting the same old images or that your website is filled with one version of you. I recommend having three outfit options. Choose a “dressier” outfit, something that screams “I am a professional!” to give you a polished edge. Then a casual outfit, something you would wear everyday. And finally, a fun outfit to give a bit more of your personality in the shoot!

Be You!

Make sure you look like yourself. At the end of the day, people are looking for a connection, especially when buying from or investing in a business. By staying true to your personal style, you will feel more comfortable and be more authentic. I recommend shopping your closet for your branding photoshoot outfits. Wearing things from your own closet, for example something you would show up for a meeting/session/video in, will help you feel comfortable and confident!

Ready to launch into your brand photos and elevate your business? Check out more on branding photography here to see if we are a good match!

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Last Update: 06/04/2024