Midwest House, SXSW 2024 – Austin, Texas

Tulsa wasn’t the only location vying for the SXSW mindshare on Rainey Street; an entire region of the U.S. promoted itself, too. The Midwest, a cluster of states in the middle of America, also had a house. It’s a big region, and I’m not sure if they targeted a certain city or state. I went to the Midwest house last year, and they featured some items from St. Louis, Missouri.

I was on a short line this year filling out their Evite online form and bailed out in the middle. They asked for too much information, which wasn’t worth the hassle. In an age when you are wary of giving out your email and phone number, asking for the home address, business, and other info was a line I wasn’t willing to cross.
In reality, some venues at SXSW are worth going to more than others. They may feature extensive food, drinks, and a unique theme. From last year’s experience, Midwest House offered none of this. I like their large sign, however, which I shot from the street.

Like a microcosm of the real world, it’s hard to get attention with limited time, even at SXSW. Organizations offering more create the buzz. Free is no longer a viable strategy.

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Last Update: 05/11/2024