Even though this modest church only welcomes congregants just about every 4 months, there is generally exercise on its premises. Although it is ordinary for any public group developing to have a guard or two, this house has a full security force—of alpacas. 

Inhabitants in Okaramio may well now be fairly utilised to alpacas roaming by way of their fields, but they are somewhat recent immigrants to the spot. Native to South The united states, alpacas have long been associated with the Historical Incan civilization, exactly where they had been employed in a lot of sides of each day life, such as traversing the difficult terrain of the Andes mountains. Prior to the Spanish conquest of the spot, there ended up imagined to have been tens of hundreds of thousands of alpacas alongside the South American continent, although around time, that selection dwindled, and populations are now a minor significantly less than 3 million.

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