SXSW Photographer, SXSW 2024 – Austin, Texas

For the last picture from Paramount+, I feature an unexpectedly stout snapshot that I shot incorrectly.

I was coming down to the first floor and snapped the shutter for no reason other than something caught my attention. It was probably the official SXSW photographer, as evidenced by her badge, shooting with her rear LCD. No judgment here. Given that she wanted to shoot from up high, it made sense not to use the EVF. 

The picture looks well-composed, and the person on the left coming up the stairs balances the image. It’s a perfectly acceptable, though not very exciting, capture of a scene at the Paramount+ venue. So why am I blogging about it? I noticed it was at ISO 10,000 and remarkably noise-free.

If I shot this correctly to optimize for better image quality, I would’ve reduced the shutter speed and opened up the aperture, allowing me to use a more modest ISO 3200 instead. However, for a quick grab shot, it’s nice to know I could be off on my settings and still make an excellent technical photo. The image got a little iffy at around ISO 6400 with my Fujifilm X cameras. The advantage of a full-frame Sony is that it has much better high ISO capability, as you can see here.

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Last Update: 05/20/2024