Interior, Glacier Convey – Switzerland

The only rationale we went to Chur was to ride the Glacier Convey — this teach with a glass roof affords commanding views of the spectacular Swiss countryside. Nonetheless, as we saw from the previous two weeks, my picture stroll by Chur was an sudden delight. The Glacier Express runs from St. Moritz to Zermatt, about 180 miles alongside the south of Switzerland via the mountains. The complete journey normally takes 8 hours.

My sister arrived up with the idea of likely from Chur to Zermatt as a substitute, cutting the ride by two several hours. Plus, the practice from Zurich to St. Moritz would just take two far more several hours than heading to Chur. Therefore, this a little bit shortened possibility saved us a full of 4 hours. Not that we ended up in a rush. The overall reason of the Glacier Specific is to sit back and love the see at a leisurely average pace of 24 miles per hour.

We opted for the very first-class cabin, the center option among the second and excellence lessons. It offered roomier seats and food stuff assistance without currently being extravagant.

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Last Update: 03/26/2024