Paramount+ at Clive, SXSW 2024 – Austin, Texas

One constant I’ve found at SXSW events is that their liveliness is usually based on the availability of free alcoholic drinks. This makes sense; these drinks make excellent social lubricants for most. The Paramount+ event offered two free drinks, though I’ve been cutting back and only had one.

I got in a line without thinking much about what it was for. The room featured pink walls, and it turned out to be a promotion for one of their streaming shows. They offered custom-themed drinks. The people waiting to get in were happy and animated, and I captured a fun interaction up close.

Paramount+ at Clive, SXSW 2024 - Austin, Texas

Today’s post wasn’t intended to compare the 17mm vs. 28mm focal lengths like yesterday. However, the first picture was 17mm, and the second was 28mm. This shows that the less-wide 28mm can appear wider because of the subject and composition. These folks were on part of the same line but further back.

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Last Update: 05/15/2024