Promises for the Future, Cesar Chavez Street – Austin, Texas

I snapped this picture on Cesar Chavez Street (First Street) as I headed towards Rainey Street from the convention center. I don’t get to this part of town very often, and I was stunned by the scale of the skyscraper construction. The last time I was there was probably a year ago during SXSW 2023.
At least five towers were under construction, including the Waterline on the left. While it might look like any other development at this point, the 74-story Waterline is planned to be 1,022 feet, the tallest tower in Texas. Taller than the required 984 feet (300 meters), this will be Texas’ first Supertall.

In the foreground is a self-driving car from Waymo. The dream of a reliable self-driving car may be possible in the near future, and coupled with a skyscraper set to be completed in 2026, we see big promises for the future.

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Last Update: 05/08/2024