Clive Interior, SXSW 2024 – Austin, Texas

After a reasonable wait for a non-badge holder at SXSW, under 30 minutes, I entered the Paramount+ Lodge. Now I know where they got their name. Upon entry, I was transported to a cabin in some cold, mountainous region. Paramount+ went to great lengths to build sets of their streaming shows, but I’m assuming this ski lodge is the Clive Bar’s original design.

I was oddly fascinated by this room, so I spent extra effort to capture it adequately. However, being near the front entry, it took a while to time the people-less photo. I’ve never been in a real ski lodge, so perhaps I was enamored with this faux-cozy wood-covered setup.

Using the Tamron at its widest 17mm focal length, I covered a reasonable percentage of the room without getting that super-distorted wide-angle look. The 17-28mm is a keeper and more versatile than I ever expected. And because it has a shorter range than the typical 16-35mm f2.8 zoom, the Tamron is noticeably smaller and lighter. I didn’t miss the 16mm or the focal lengths above 28mm.

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Last Update: 05/13/2024