Paramount+ The Lodge, SXSW 2024 – Austin, Texas

Paramount+ gets my vote for the most fun venue I attended during SXSW 2024. Located at the goofy Clive Bar on Rainey Street, the place features two additional floors hovering over the original structure. I don’t know if Clive built it this way to comply with building codes or to be creative architecturally.

I set the Tamron lens to the widest 17mm to capture the entire scene a half hour before it opened. It was the most crowded of the Rainey Street venues. While they, understandably, gave priority entry for SXSW badge holders, the non-badge holders didn’t have to wait that much longer. However, I was positioned towards the start of the line.

The wait was worth it as I discovered multiple floors of sets dedicated to their streaming shows. Coupled with two free drinks, which always puts the visitors in a festive mood, I spent the most time here during this year’s SXSW visit.

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Last Update: 05/12/2024