View, Vis-a-vis Restaurant, 3100 Kulmhotel – Gornergrat, Switzerland

We had lunch at the 3100 Kulmhotel, where there were two options — self-serve and a sit-down restaurant. We opted for the restaurant and even made reservations beforehand. We expended considerable effort to get here and decided on the full experience.

We were seated next to a window, and I captured this splendid outdoor patio view. Vis-a-vis, the name of the restaurant, was printed on the window, as you can see. It made for a strange effect, like watermarking the view. I liked it because it reminded me of the restaurant. I purposely included part of the sun at the top, producing some lens flare.

Fondue, Vis-a-vis Restaurant, 3100 Kulmhotel - Gornergrat, Switzerland

We agreed on cheese fondue, though my foodie sister seemed somewhat displeased with our predictable choice. We were in Switzerland, after all, and we had never had it before. I was also concerned, however. I’m slightly lactose intolerant, and exceeding some unknown cheese threshold makes me unsettled. Remarkably, the fondue was lighter than expected. Not only did I feel fine, but the meal was quite good. Even my doubting sister was suitably impressed.

The waiter told us that there was no set recipe for cheese fondue. It’s up to the chef to blend a complex mix of cheeses to craft their signature flavor. Some even change their mix seasonally. I hoped it would be easy to reproduce the flavor but discovered the subtle complexities of what appeared to be a simple dish.

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Last Update: 04/29/2024