Pouly, Train Station – Geneva, Switzerland

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For our last meal in Switzerland, in Geneva, my sister picked out a place in a nearby hotel. Unfortunately, it was raining, and the prospect of rolling around suitcases while juggling an umbrella didn’t sound like fun. We opted to find a place within the station.

We looked for possibilities via the phone, but the connection was iffy, and we had GPS issues, too. Thus, we just walked around for something enticing but didn’t find anything compelling. I finally scouted a sandwich shop on a lower level with seating nearby. That would have to do.

Sandwich, Train Station - Geneva, Switzerland

I opted for a panini. It was tasty with great bread, though not filling in the New York Deli Sandwich or Philadelphia Hoagie kind of way. But it was good enough. We had a wonderful quick trip to Switzerland and accomplished all of our goals. We were ready for our three-hour TGV ride back to Paris.

Pouly, Train Station - Geneva, Switzerland

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Last Update: 04/29/2024