As a Denver commercial photographer and a brand coach, I don’t like to suggest you take branding into your own hands. Simply because a lot of the time branding is considered on a more superficial level and as a result isn’t effective. Which costs you opportunities and money. But, there are some exceptions, which is why I have sharing when it is okay to DIY brand photos. As well as some tips!

Just Starting Out

Don’t stress about your branding if you are just starting your business. Branding is more than color palettes and pretty fonts. To form a strong brand, you will need a bit of experience under your belt to understand your mission, uniqueness, value, and ideal client. Once you get that experience, you will have clarity in your direction, and professional branding will be more useful to you.


If you don’t have a big budget, then go ahead and DIY brand photos. Running a business is a lot, and can cost more than you think. In time you will be able to afford a great brand photographer who strategizes with you in addition to photographing your headshots. So wait and make that investment when you can afford it. And until then take these tips and DIY your headshots!

DIY Brand Photo Tips

These tips are for brand photos that will be for social media accounts. Because they will be taken on your phone, I don’t recommend printing these DIY brand photos onto business cards or other physical products.

Find Good Lighting

The best lighting is natural lighting! Find a sunny room, but don’t stand directly in the sun light. Just face the sunny window, a few feet away. An overcast day is great for natural ight as well, becasue it is a softer light.


Get rid of distractions in the back! Clean up your area a bit, pick up loose ends and be sure not to have a backdrop that is more interesting than you. You should be the focal point of these images.

Shot List

Stay on track with a shot list of exactly what you want to capture. A great way to do this is to seek inspiration through Pinterest and make a board. Then you will be able to refer directly to your list and have a guide of how to pose.

Get my posing guide here!

If your photos are going to make you money by attracting your ideal client, you need to look at it like an investment and pay for good, strategic photos! Reach out and let’s see if we would be a good match for your brand photos!

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Last Update: 04/29/2024