Did you know 65% of the population are visual learners? It turns out, we have an excellent memory for pictures and visuals, which consistently exceeds our ability to remember words. This is why visual brand storytelling is critical when strategizing your brand. As a Denver Commercial Photographer, I help entrepreneurs capture more than just headshots, but rather the essence of their business. It is about creating images to tell the story of your brand in order to resonate and inspire your dream customers to work with you.

The 5 V’s Of Branding

Before we hop into visual brand storytelling, we have to get down to the nitty-gritty of branding.  In my research of branding strategy, I have found the “5 V’s” of branding. These five elements can be used as a guide, and are what makes a strong brand. Let’s recap these:


Always start with your vision. And no, I am not talking about what you want your business to look like as far as brand colors and logos. I am referring to your mission and purpose. Having a clear understanding of your vision will allow you to find your ideal client fast!


Define your value! What do you bring to the market space that is both unique and appreciated. This will allow you to create a sales strategy and pricing guide that will speak to your audience.


Your voice has less to do with you, and more to do with your client. Learn to speak to your audience in a way that will excite and resonate with them! Even your “about me” information should be client-centered and work to connect you with ideal clients.


Effective branding visuals take more than strategy and creativity. In fact, it takes both of those things! As well as experience in business to understand audience behaviors. This is part of the reason I love visual brand storytelling, as I have learned so much in the ten-plus years I have been working with business owners.

You can learn more about the 5 V’s of branding here.

Visual Brand Storytelling

Now that we have the basics of branding down, we can really focus on why storytelling is so important to building your brand and your business as a whole, as well as how we do that through brand photography.

While working with business owners in Colorado, I have noticed that those who have strong brand photos that are consistent, professional, and embody the brand have more success on social platforms. For example, Malia is a multi-generational travel agent that I recently had the pleasure of working with. She specializes in luxury travel, which is obvious through her gallery. Each photo picks up the vibe and feeling of her brand. This tells her story, as well as her value and voice. Ultimately, they helped elevate her brand and the clientele she serves.

Brand Photography

Brand photography is much more than headshots on a blank canvas. It is all about the details and how they are presented! For Malia we wanted to have a comfortable and professional feel to her gallery, so we opted for an “in-home” studio. Setting her up in a kitchen, living room and other comfortable locations around the house. To emphasize travel we got a few shots with a suitcase, travel magazine, maps and books. We changed outfits to fit the adventurous side of her business. The list goes on!

Brand photography is all about strategy and getting inside the mind of your ideal client. Needless to say, not just anyone with a camera can get you effective brand photography.

Visual brand storytelling is a powerful tool that can bring in new clients, connect you with your audience, and even help make sales! In short, your face makes you money! So let’s talk brand photography today!

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Last Update: 05/06/2024