Fallout, SXSW 2024 Promo – Austin, Texas

I left the Porsche exhibit and walked around nearby before heading to East 6th Street. I was looking for other worthwhile, free SXSW events to attend. I didn’t find any. I don’t do much pre-planning, opting to stroll around the central core to see what’s around. This technique worked well in the past but not this year. Either SXSW 2024 was a lot smaller and quieter, or the exciting events moved elsewhere, farther away from downtown — that’s a possibility since the number of open parking lots has dwindled, reducing venue spaces.
East 6th Street used to be the hub of activity — no more. I saw a European Union gathering at a restaurant, but it seemed entirely too dull. I didn’t bother to stop by. I saw nothing else on this once vibrant stretch of Austin’s original entertainment district. The area was looking shabbier than usual, needing a desperate redevelopment.

From there, it was a few more blocks to the convention center, which is still officially the hub for SXSW. Even this area was quieter than usual. I saw this transportation shuttled decked out with promos for Fallout, a video game turned TV show for Amazon Prime. Perhaps Amazon had some other venue promoting their shows and I just missed it. But in the past, they’ve had elaborate setups for their streaming shows.

Bear Wars, SXSW 2024 Promo - Austin, Texas

The columns near the convention center were plastered with these striking Bear Wars posters. They are eye-catching and everywhere and made a splash with a low-cost approach. However, I never bothered checking out bearwars.com until writing this post, so maybe, ultimately, it wasn’t effective. The site is gone now with a 404 Error, the web’s equivalent of an out-of-business sign.

I soldiered on towards Rainey Street in search of SXSW.

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Last Update: 05/07/2024