Porsche Exhibit, SWSW 2024 – Austin, Texas

I mentioned yesterday that Porsche had one of their first North American displays of the new Electric Macan at SXSW 2024. It was their flagship offering at the show, taking center stage. I didn’t do much street photography during the exhibit but had to snap a photo when I saw this woman peering inside.

The Electric Macan is the electric version of their best-selling compact SUV. The overall design is similar to the gasoline model but with updated and modern touches. I, too, was interested in the vehicle after seeing YouTube videos of its introduction in Europe.

It’s no surprise that Porsches are expensive, and features included in other vehicles are upgrades. The base model starts at $78,800, but I configured one to my liking, and it came out to about $90,000 — and it wasn’t even the performance model. That’s a whole lot of camera gear.

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Last Update: 05/06/2024