Apartment – Geneva, Switzerland

We had our modest lunch in Geneva, as I had discussed yesterday, and we were ready for our final leg in Switzerland. I took my last pictures of Switzerland while waiting for the TGV back to Paris.

I know judging a city by a couple of buildings next to the train station is unfair. However, the structures looked surprisingly shabby, shattering my perfect, clean image of Switzerland. I’m sure other parts of Geneva are lovely. My concert pianist friend Tony did warn me that the area around the Geneva train station was a little iffy and that I should be careful.

From my limited observations of Zurich, Chur, and Zermatt, the cities and small towns were lovely, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes. My tour of Geneva will have to wait for some future visit. After a few shots from the station, the train arrived, and it was back to France.

With my completed Switzerland coverage, it’s a perfect time to pause this series and switch to another topic before returning to the third and final installment of my European trip in 2022. I’ll be back in Paris again after local coverage of events in Austin.

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Last Update: 04/30/2024