Birthday Dinner, Roaring Fork – Austin, Texas

My birthday happened a couple of months ago, usually falling at the start of SXSW. This year’s was a milestone — I turned sixty. I joke that I now qualify for senior discounts at Supercuts. But beyond the thinly veiled optimism, there’s no denying that I’ve lived more of my life than I have left unless there’s some miraculous medical breakthrough.

I’m generally in good spirits, though I realize I’m at an inflection point. Priorities are changing, and I’m trying to mentally and physically prepare for the next stage.

A day before my birthday, the family went out for a birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Roaring Fork. They have a solid, well-executed menu. I kept it simple with a delicious and hefty burger.

Birthday Dinner, Roaring Fork - Austin, Texas

Upon discovering it was my birthday, the waiter generously offered any dessert item for free. My selection was even customized, making it feel extra special.

I brought the Sony A7C, as I do to most events these days. Coupled with the very compact Sony 24mm f2.8, it makes for a take-anywhere combination. The pictures are bright and colorful, but like most nicer restaurants, the lighting is subdued. However, a bright f2.8 aperture and a high-performing full-frame sensor make easy work of the food snapshot.

Among the many reasons I upgraded from the APS-C Fujifilm to the full-frame Sony is the ability to shoot clean shots in dark places. Snapshots of the family at a restaurant are rendered at a quality that satisfies, which wasn’t always the case with other cameras.

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Last Update: 05/25/2024