Across from the Train Station – Zermatt, Switzerland

It’s early morning on day three in Zermatt, and we are heading out. I took the last shots of the town with this scene across from the train station.

Weather-wise, we all felt immensely lucky. As you can see, it was rainy with overcast skies. According to the forecast, a Matterhorn visit wouldn’t be possible on this day and for the next several days. We also learned that it was overcast for a few days before our visit. This means that we perfectly timed our visit to see my mom’s bucket list mountain. This was pure luck since we had scheduled this trip months before.

Train Station - Zermatt, Switzerland

The Gornergrat-Bahn, which I covered recently, is the train that takes you from Zermatt to the top at Gornergrat. That train line is across the street from the central train station, as seen here.

Train Station - Zermatt, Switzerland

Finally, we ended where we started the Zermatt coverage nearly a month ago, in front of the central train station. We also see a few of those cute electric taxis. From here, we got on a train to Geneva, Switzerland.

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Last Update: 04/28/2024