Matterhorn from the Trail – Switzerland

This area has extensive ski slopes and, during warm weather, excellent hiking trails. My wife and I are not hikers, just tourists taking the easy route via the train. However, we decided to walk a small section of the trail, as suggested in some guides.

We took the train one stop from Gornergrat and got off at Rotenboden. Close by, there is a famous lake where you can take reflection photos of the Matterhorn. You need a windless day; it was much too windy to see the mountain’s reflection, producing only modest images. I did meet a Fujifilm shooter from Atlanta, however.

My wife and I hiked to the next train stop, and luckily, most of it was downhill. A short segment uphill was very taxing, and I was not used to the high 10,000-foot altitude. The signs indicated less than an hour to our destination, though we took it easy, and I stopped to take pictures, of course. This photo is my favorite of the Matterhorn, with leading lines created by crooked trails and a small lake. I especially like the person standing on the rock, which adds a sense of scale.

This smaller lake differs from the famous one that creates the Matterhorn reflection. You can tell it was windy by the surface texture.

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Last Update: 04/28/2024