Restaurant Spycher – Zermatt, Switzerland

For the second night in Zermatt, my foodie sister selected Restaurant Spycher, which seemed more traditional than the selection the night before. It wasn’t very far from the central core of Zermatt, but it’s a small town, and most places seemed close.

I did know it back then, but I just looked up the establishment, and it was rated 4.8 stars. We certainly had a great meal, which I’ll talk about tomorrow. The restaurant was connected to the Hotel Aristella swissflair, a local place with a friendly staff. I remember talking to the manager for nearly an hour after our meal.

I remember the hotel lobby featured stunning landscape photography from the nearby mountains, and of course, it included the Matterhorn. I can imagine making pictures like this if I live there. I’m not usually a landscape photographer, but these Swiss Alps surroundings begged to be shot.

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Last Update: 04/28/2024